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 Isolation Switch Contact Pressure Tester
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Postato il 11/22/2022 :  02:30:31  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote;
Isolating switch is a kind of high voltage switching equipment used widely in power system.Because the outdoor isolating switch is completely exposed to the atmospheric environment, its operation conditions are relatively bad, easy to produce mechanical or electrical faults.In particular, the contact part of the contact is vulnerable to rain, dust and harmful gases, resulting in poor contact and fever. The spring that provides the pressure of the contact will be annealed to reduce the pressure due to fever, which leads to the formation of a vicious cycle of contact fever and eventually burn out the contact.In maintenance often only pay attention to the replacement of obvious failure and fracture of the spring, and the pressure of the spring can not be judged and replaced, so that in the operation again, the distribution of Each Contact Current Will Be Different Because of Different Pressure, The Greater The Difference, The More Uneven Current Distribution, After Long-Term Operation Wil l occur poor contact and overheating.Finger fever will be a vicious cycle, a bad contact will spread the whole contact bad contact.At the same time, there are many isolation switches with adjustable contact pressure, if the adjustment pressure is not enough or the adjustment pressure of each contact is different, the above phenomenon will also occur.At present, the majority of maintenance personnel to judge the conductive part of the contact is good or bad criterion is to measure the circuit resistance, that the circuit resistance in the qualified range, the maintenance of the conductive part can be successfully completed.In fact, the circuit resistance value given in the product specification is the value of the entire conductive circuit, which includes the body resistance and contact resistance of wiring terminals, conductive tubes, and Contact fingers. The RanNot Directly Reflecting The Change of Contact Resistance, But Can Only Explain The Conductive Circuit path.

Technical parameter:

Sensor LineWorking environment

Atmospheric Pressure 86 ~ 106kpa

Lithium Battery in Power Supply Voltage Machine: Lithium battery in the machine: #8804;20W
Measurement Range

Error: #8804; 1% Reading ± 1N

Measuring Diameter (Contact Opening Distance)
15mm ~ 90mm (convention)

<20mm> 90mm (CUSTOMIZABLE)
Built-in Lithium Battery, Power Supply Working Time #8805; 6 hours (customizable)
Charging Way Special Charger Connects To Lithium Battery Charging Interface on The Panel
Length of Sensor Signal Cable 10 M
Insulation Resistance #65310;2M#937;
DIELECTRICTH POWER Supply Can with Arc Voltage of 1.5kv for 1 Minute WITHOUT FLASHOVER AND ARC
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