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 Fully Automatic Capacitor Current Tester
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Postato il 11/22/2022 :  02:27:56  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote;

Fully automatic capacitance measuring instrument is also known as distribution grid current tester, electric capacitor current tester, digital electric capacitive current tester, and capacitor current tester. At present, the power supply neutral point of the power supply system in my country is generally not directly grounded, so The current flowing through the fault point when the line is grounded is actually the capacitor current generated by the line to the ground capacitor.

According to statistics, the fault of the distribution network is caused by the large -scale capacitance when the line is grounded by the line. Therefore, my country's power regulations stipulate that when 10kV and 35KV system capacitor currents are greater than 30A and 10A, the arc anti -elimination coil should be installed to compensate the capacitor current, which requires measurement of the capacitor current of the distribution network to make a decision.


Measuring range Total capacitor to the ground #8804;120 #956;F (three relative land)
Capacitor current #8804;500A (35KV system)
Capacitor current #8804; 200A (10KV system)
measurement accuracy 0.5 #956;F #65374; 5 #956;F ± 10%± 50 words
5 #956;F ~ 90 #956;F ± 5%
90 #956;F ~ 120 #956;F ± 10%
Operating temperature -10 ~ 50 #8451;
Relative humidity #8804;90%

Working power supply AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
Dimensions 310 × 300 × 170 mm
Instrument weight 10 kg

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