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 Underground Fault Cable Locator
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Postato il 11/21/2022 :  02:31:27  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote

Underground fault cable locator Consisting of transmitter, receiver, magnetic induction wand, location detection frame and other components, This instrument is a special instrument cable, cable fault location test for the test object is a metal conductor (wire pairs, sheath, shield) of a variety of fiber optic cable. Its main function is to locate bad insulation test points, probe and cable depth testing cable path.

Main Technical Parameters:

¨Tracing positioning distance: telephone cable is around 3km, other cables are up to 20km

¨Positioning impedance range: 0-5M#937;

Positioning accuracy: <± 10cm Depth probe: <3m

Underground fault cable locator

Main Characteristics:

1.Higher receiving sensitivity

2.Lower Static drift

3.High positioning accuracy

4.Strong anti-interference capability

5.LCD display shows the signal and status

6. Charger and Built-in lithium battery for charging
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