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 DC System Ground Fault Tester
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Postato il 11/21/2022 :  02:28:19  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote description#65306;

The portable search instrument of DC ground fault designed and manufactured by our company can apply to DC system of any voltage class. It is equipped by clamp meter of high-precision, which greatly expanded detection range and enhanced capacity of resisting disturbance through efficiently disposing various signals. It employed advanced computing method and fuzzy control theory and can manifest insulating degree of the detected circuit in the form of insulation index and wave, which fully reflects the advantage of artificial intelligence. It has precise judgment for deciding ground point. It can point out the direction of relative detecting point of ground point, thus accomplish ground detection of loop circuit rapidly and precisely. Beyond that, users can order instrument with appropriate insulation alarm threshold value within the range of insulation alarm threshold value based on the need of own system. Users can accomplish the detection of DC ground and analysis of insulation degree by matching the tap position of clamp meter with the measuring range of detecting instrument.

DC system ground fault tester

Technical index#65306;

1.Range of Detectable Grounding Resistance#12288;

When the system voltage is 220V: 0 -500K#937;

When the system voltage is 110V: 0 -250K#937;

When the system voltage is 48V: 0 -50K#937;

When the system voltage is 24V: 0 -10K#937;

2.Detected Signal Power#8804; 0.2W(the output power of signal generator)

3.Resistance to Distributed Current to Ground:

Ground capacitance of single circuit#8804;8uF, Total ground capacitance of system#8804;100uF;

4.Applicable DC System Voltage:

220Vą10, 110Vą10%, 48Vą10%, 24Vą10% or other voltages specified by users;

5.Ambient Temperature: -35°C~+55°C;

6.Relative Humidity: #8804;95%;

7.Total Mass: 2.8kg

8.Overall Dimension(Packing Container): 460x240x120(mm)
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