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Postato il 06/24/2022 :  04:04:20  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote
Product description#65306;
Transformer standard voltage tester Do not operate this product without cover. If the cover is removed, do not operate the machine. Use a suitable fuse. Only the correct gauge and the correct rated fuse can be used.

Technical index#65306;

1. Rated voltage ratio: 35 kV /100V#12289;35/kV /100/V

2.Rated secondary capacity: 0.2VA, 0.07VA, 0.02VA Cos#1060;=1.0

3.Accuracy class: Class0.05, Class0.1, namely, in rated load conditions, when the voltage is within the scope of 80%Un to 120% Un ,the ratio error is less than ±0.02% and phase error is less than ±0.6’. When voltage is 50%Un, ratio error is less than ±0.03%, and phase error is less than ±0.9’. When voltage is 20%Un, ratio error less than ±0.04%, and phase error is less than ±1.2’.( The actual error is not more than 60~70% of the error limit)

4. Testing voltage: Testing voltage: primary winding is 1.2 /1 min voltage withstand . Secondary winding is above earth and 2kV/1min power frequency withstand.

5. Rated frequency:50Hz


PT of 35kV,Class0.05 which has high voltage class and high accuracy can be used to calibrate the PT 35kV/100V,35/kV /100/V below class 0.2. It can calibrate the PT from 20% to 120% of the rated voltage. And it can be burdened with 0.25VA secondary load when the secondary voltage is 100V.
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