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 Frequency Conversion Transformer Comprehensive Tes
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Postato il 06/27/2022 :  03:24:01  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote description#65306;

Frequency conversion transformer comprehensive tester is mainly used for #64257;eld testing, it can #64257;nish the measurements (M) and protection (P) class CT, PT and TYP class CT. Adopt LCD, self-equipped mini type printer supporting #64257;eld printing; supporting to use USB #64258;ash disk to dump data, with simple and convenient operation.

Technical index#65306;

Electrical parameters

Accuracy 0.05%, 0.1%

Power supply AC 220Vą10% or AC 110Vą10%, 50/60Hz

Excitation output voltage 0-220Vrms

Excitation output current 0-5Arms (20A peak-value)

Automatic frequency variation range 0.1-60Hz

Equivalent excitation voltage #8804;5000V

Accuracy #8804;0.5% (0.2%RD+0.3%RG)

Secondary winding DC resistance

measurement Range 0.1-300#937;

Accuracy #8804;0.5% (0.2%RD+0.3%RG)

Secondary actual load

measurement Range 5VA-1000VA

Accuracy #8804;0.5% (0.2%RD+0.3%RG)ą0.1VA

CT/PT phase error measurement Accuracy ą4min

Resolution 0.01min

CT ratio error measurement Range 1-30000

Accuracy #8804;0.5%

PT ratio error measurement Range 1-10000

Accuracy #8804;0.5%


1.Steady and transient state characteristic tests of various types of CT/PT.

2.The use of advanced power technology, the test knee point reaches up to 40kV.

3.No external other auxiliary equipment, stand-alone to complete all test items.

4.CT test, easy to test, all the tests are using the same wire connection except the load test.

5.It carries with it thermal printer, so it can print test results on site.

6.Parameters such as knee point current and voltage.

7.Parameters such as 10% error curve, 5% error curve.

8.The device can store 3000 groups of test data which would not be lost if the device loses its power.

9.The data can be displayed and analyzed after the test, or transferred to PC through USB disk and produce a Word #64257;le report.

10.Portability: weight <12Kg
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