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 Standard Current Transformer
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Postato il 06/24/2022 :  04:01:18  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote description:

standard current transformer is used as a standard for calibrating current transformers, Used as a standard to calibrate current transformer whose accuracy class is two or more lower than itself. The grounding pole of the machine shell must be grounded. To avoid electric shock, the conductor must be connected to the ground

Technical index#65306;

1. Temperature: -5#8451;#65374;40#8451;

2. Relative humidity: #65308;80%

3. Allow long-term work under the rated current; More than 600A across the core.


1. The current of standard CT and tested CT must be the same in CT calibration.

2. Follow the given wiring diagram strictly.

3. Test whether the load box is accurate or not before calibrating the transformer.

4. Forbid secondary winding opening during the calibration.

5. Select demagnetization before calibration.Short out the secondary winding before cutting off the power when the demagnetization is finished.

6.Principle wiring diagram of CT with large current generator is similar to above diagram. They are the same except the output winding of large current generator and primary winding of transformer are the same one.
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