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 High Pressure Wireless Phase Detector
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Postato il 11/30/2022 :  02:21:50  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote;

High pressure wireless phase detector is a dedicated test high-voltage nuclear phase tester based on national power industry standard norms and market demand, and high-voltage nuclear photographic applies to detecting the two-sided circuit breaker of the ring or dual power supply power network closed loop circuit breaker. Whether it is produced in the same phase.

Before the closed loop two power supply, you must perform a nuclear phase, otherwise a short circuit can occur, suitable for the 6KV ~ 220KV transmission line with the electrical core, the sight can reach 200 meters, and the wall can be used, and it has a test function.

Wireless high-pressure cores use wireless transmission technology, safe and reliable operation, easy to use, in line with national electric power safety equipment quality supervision and testing standards. Compared with the cable core, it is the main advantage that the lead wire connected to both grids (power supply) is removed, and the safety is used to improve the security in a manner that is not subject to any terrain and facility architecture.

Technical parameter:

Phase difference

Error #8804; 5
Frequency accuracy ± 0.1Hz
The voltage grade measured by this product is 6kv-220kv
Transmission distance of the transmitter and receiving host <200M
Leakage current when high pressure measurement <10ua
Transmitter work power consumption <0.1W
Receive host work power consumption <0.3W
battery capacity Host lithium battery capacity: about 2200mAh
Transmitter battery capacity: about 350mAh
working environment -35 ° C - + 45 ° C; humidity #8804;95% RH
Storage environment -40 ° C - + 55 ° C; humidity #8804; 95% RH
Dimension 71*26*11cm3
weight 4.5kg
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