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 Infrared Thermal Imaging
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Postato il 11/29/2022 :  02:40:19  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote;

The power infrared thermal imaging is used for on-site temperature detection, electric prophylactic maintenance. Electricity infrared thermal imaging standard support: ZBY097-1994, power infrared thermal imaging adopts UFPA non-refrigeration flat infrared detector and high quality optical lens as the core.

The heat imager uses the UFPA non-cool focal plane infrared detector and optical lens as the core. It combines the convenient and quick operating system, leading the horizontal ergonomic structure design, and has a perfect development of accessories. It has created a "clear," Ideal temperature measuring tool for accurate, simple operation, and lightness, the infrared thermal imaging device | heat imaging instrument measuring temperature -20 ° C to + 300 ° C (expandable to 1500 ° C) is on-site detection, prophylactic maintenance and other applications Operation selection. The TK660A infrared thermal imaging can be widely used in electricity, electronics and buildings, energy, smelting, petrochemical, railways, automotive and other industries.

Technical parameter:

Resolution 160 × 120 pixels
Thermal sensitivity 0.08 ° C @ 30 ° C
Measuring accuracy ± 0.2% ± 2 words (full range)
Spatial resolution 2.2mRad
Focus method Manual focus
Palette Six types (iron red / anti-iron red / color red / feather / white hot / black hot)
Work band 8-14um
Temperature range -20 ° C to + 300 ° C (expandable to 1500 ° C)
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 2% or 2 ° C (the maximum value is taken)
Working temperature -15 ° C to +50 ° C
Storage ambient temperature -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
Humidity -95% RH (non-condensation)
Power Adapter 8V-11V DC output
Total Weight <500 grams (including battery)
Product Size 170 × 160 × 80mm3
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