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Postato il 11/23/2022 :  02:36:24  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote

The arrester monitor has popularized my country's power plant power plants, providing important data for the reliable operation of the lightning arrester. Due to the difference in sealing performance, the monitor may enter moisture and moisture during operation, causing internal device rust, or other reasons, causing the monitor counter, and the leakage current indicates inaccurate.

At present, there are many varieties of monitors in the market, and the quality is also mixed, and most manufacturers do not provide monitoring equipment, and the simple detection methods provided by the "procedures" are very difficult, and the use of operation is not convenient. So how to determine the quality of the monitor has become a problem that the staff is very headache. In response to the above status, our company has developed a multi-functional high-precision test instrument that combines multiple functions such as monitor current verification, monitor motion test and current measurement, based on years of live experience, and current measurement. The instrument is an integrated structure, built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery, easy to carry, easy to carry.

Technical parameter:

Conditions of Use -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C RH <80%
power supply AC 220V ± 10% or DC battery 12V
lithium battery Built-in large-capacity lithium battery Standby 72 hours
Simulated lightning strike more than 1000 times
printer Built-in precision thermosensitive printer, convenient print test results data
Current output Scope 0 ~ 10mA
Resolution 0.001mA
Precision 1%
Impact waveform 8 / 20#956;s
8 / 20#956;s impact current #8805;50ap
Action number 0 ~ 99 times
Impact interval 3S / time
Technical basis 1, GB11032-2000 "AC no gap metal oxide arrester"
2, JB / T10492-2004 "AC no gap metal oxide arrester monitor monitor"
3, GB50150-2006 "Electrical Device Installation Engineering Power Equipment Handling Test Standard"
4, Q / GDW168-2008 "Transportation Equipment Status Maintenance Test Procedure"
Host external dimensions 320 (L) × 270 (W) × 140 (h)
weight 3.9kg
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