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 Digital Ground Resistance Tester
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Postato il 06/28/2022 :  04:10:36  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote;

Digital Ground Resistance Tester Rejects the traditional manual manual power generation method adopts advanced media and large scale integrated circuits, and uses DC / AC conversion techniques to combine the triple buttons and four-end button measurement modes with new ground resistors. .

The working principle is that the DC / AC converter in the machine changes the DC constant current, and the circuit is formed by the auxiliary ground electrode C and the measurement object E, which generates an AC voltage drop on the measuring object, and feeds the AC amplifier through assist grounding. The electrode P amplified, and then multiplied by multiplying by multiplying by a power switch to display the instrument header head, you can get three different number limits: 0 ~ 2#937;0 ~ 20#937;0 ~ 200#937;.

Nearly the resistance tester is suitable for measuring the electrical resistance of low resistance of various departments such as various devices and power postal railway communication mining; Nearly the ground resistance tester also measures soil resistivity and ground voltage.

Technical parameters#65306;
Working Conditions Ambient temperature 0#8451;#65374;+45#8451;
Relative humidity #8804;85%RH
Measurement range and constant

current value (effective value)

Resistance 0#65374;20#937;(10mA)#65292;2#65374;200#937;(1mA)#65292;20#65374;2000#937;(0.1mA)
Voltage AC0#65374;19.99V
Measurement accuracy and resolution Precision rowspan 0#65374;0.2#937;#8804;±3%±1d
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