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Postato il 06/28/2022 :  04:06:37  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote description#65306;

The current booster is used on checking current transformer,to be the power source supply once current for current transformer or to be other 50Hz single phase current source device.

Technical index#65306;

Temperature: -5— +40#8451;

Humidity: #65124;80%

Capacity: 20kVA

Specifications: 480×300×560

Weight: 75Kg

Allow long-term work on the rated current

Allowable overload 1.5 times,30 minutes of continuous work.


This PSLLQ is make up of input Winding(220V#12289;±), output winding#65288;below 100A#65289; and CXRZ.

Output current indicated on the nameplate is defined the rated current that through winding allow to pass.When CX many circles, the rated current its permitted to pass through will inversely decline.

The value which ouput capcity divided by product of output current and each circle voltage was the biggest circle number allowing.

The current booster is designed to provide the primary current power supply for the current transformer when verifying the current transformer or as other 50HZ single-phase power equipment. The current booster for transformer verification is suitable for power departments such as power testing, power measurement, and power maintenance. The current booster is developed and produced according to the industry standard of transformer error testing, and is used as a current transformer to verify the primary current of the current transformer. The output current can be customized according to customer requirements. The lifter is equipped with casters for easy on-site movement.

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