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 3 Phase Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester
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Postato il 06/21/2022 :  03:42:03  Mostra profilo  Rispondi con Quote #65306;

3 phase transformer on-load tap changer testeris mainly used to test three-phase transient time, transition waveform, transition resistance, synchronization state, etc. The transformer on-load switch tester is a comprehensive transformer on-load switch measurement and tester, which is used to measure and analyze the electrical performance indicators of power transformers and special transformers on-load tap-changers. The transformer on-load switch tester can automatically capture and display the transition resistance during the transition process. There is also a process of time jumping.

Technical parameters #65306;

Three phase constant current source charge,charge current: 3A/1A; 0.6A/0.2A

Maximum voltage of the port: 24V

Maximum range of transition resistance: 100#937;

Measuring range: 1A#65306;0.4#937;#65374;20#937; 0.2A#65306;10#937;#65374;100#937;

Record time of waveform:300ms

Sample rate: 30k

Resolution of time:0.1ms

Resolution of resistance: 0.1#937;

Accuracy of transition resistance: ±5% Reading±0.1#937;

Accuracy of transient time: ±0.5% Reading±0.2mS

Temperature: -10-40#8451; Humidity: <85%RH

3 Phase Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester
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