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 Automatic Capacitance Inductance Tester

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R E V I S I O N E    D I S C U S S I O N E
whgdmk12345 Postato il 06/22/2022 : 03:35:42;

Automatic capacitance and inductance tester is designed for the problems in the measurement of high voltage shunt capacitor banks in substation sites and refers to GB3983.2-1989 "High Voltage Shunt Capacitors" DL/T840-2003 "Technical Conditions for Use of High Voltage Shunt Capacitors" and JB5346 -1998 "Series reactor" and other national standards and specially developed mainly to measure the high voltage shunt capacitor bank and reactor of reactive power compensation device.

Automatic capacitance and inductance tester adopts a new generation of high-speed hybrid microprocessor which is highly integrated synchronously collects the voltage signal and current signal of the test object and automatically calculates the capacitance value inductance value and reactive power value. On-site measurement of capacitors eliminates the need to remove the connecting lines simplifying the test process effectively improving work efficiency and avoiding damage to power equipment. After the test the capacity of each phase capacitor and other parameters are automatically calculated and it is easy to discriminate the quality change of the capacitor and the connection conductor failure between devices. At the same time the automatic capacitance and inductance tester also features data storage and USB communication eliminating the need to copy data on-site and ensuring complete measurement data.

Technical specifications:

Capacitance measuring range and accuracy capacity range#65306;0.1uF#65374;3300uF
accuracy: ± (reading × 1% + 0.005uF)
Inductance range and accuracy inductance range#65306;100#956;H#65374;50H
accuracy: ± reading × 2%
Power supply and test power supply instrument power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz
output voltage (open circuit): AC 23V ± 10% 50Hz (capacitance); AC 3V ± 20% 50Hz (inductance)
maximum output current#65306;20A
output short circuit protection: automatic
Working conditions dimensions and instrument weight ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C ; relative humidity: #8804;90%
host volume: 400 × 290 × 175mm (length × width × height)#65307;quality#65306;9.5kg
accessory box volume: 340 × 260 × 135mm (length × width × height)#65307;quality#65306;3.6kg


1 No disconnection test: automatic capacitance and inductance tester is equipped with high-current high-precision current clamp field measurement capacitors do not need to remove the connection line simplify the test process effectively improve work efficiency avoid damage to power equipment

2 Highly intelligent: after the three-phase test is completed automatically calculate the capacitance value and total capacitance value of each phase reactive power and other parameters simple and intuitive reducing the burden on testers

3 Four-terminal measurement: using four-terminal measurement technology accurate measurement good test © Torna su
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